React with AWS Amplify and AWS CloudFront
React with AWS Amplify and AWS CloudFront
React with AWS Amplify and CloudFront

In the modern world, we are very much dependent on the internet. And one of the best ways to reach a person is via a website. It’s very easy to build websites using React. But most of the time, people find it hard to deploy the website on a reliable service where there is almost zero downtime and which is very cost-effective. AWS can provide us those features. Anyone can deploy any react project on AWS and publish a website by following very simple steps. So let’s get started 😄…

Part 1 covers the React project creation and AWS Amplify…

React with AWS Amplify and CloudFront

This post is a part of the series which will help you publish your React based project/website on AWS using AWS Amplify and AWS CloudFront. This part will walk you through the steps to setup AWS CloudFront so that you can access your website using any domain of your own.

If you want to learn about how to upload your React project on AWS using AWS Amplify or if you just want to follow along with this whole series, check out Part 1. This post will continue from where we left off in the first part. …

CI/CD Pipeline [Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash]


When working with an AWS Lambda project, it’s common to change your code locally, and then upload it on AWS daily or at least a weekly basis. It’s very much true for projects that are medium or large and where new features and bugfixes are constantly being added. A CI/CD pipeline can help a lot in these cases, as the developers don’t have to push the code on AWS manually and don’t have to worry about stuff related to pushing. They can just do their work and forget about the unnecessary things. …

Kaltura and TypeScript


Recently when I was working on a project, I found myself looking for a better way to upload a video on Kaltura from a NodeJs project. Of course, there is a Kaltura npm library that can be used to upload videos and do other things on Kaltura, but it didn’t work out for us, so we switched to Kaltura TypeScript client.


Our main objective was to be able to create a media entry on Kaltura and upload a video on that entry using a URL. And while creating the media entry, we will provide some video metadata like title, description…

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